Tracking your usage with Browse AI Detailed Usage Report

Browse AI has just rolled out the Detailed Usage Report feature, allowing you to keep tabs on your robot’s usage and performance. At a glance, you can check out your total credits used, the number of tasks completed, the average success rate of those tasks, the total captured rows of data, how long it took to compute, and even the overall cost for computing and proxy. All your analytics in one place! 🎉

You can access this by clicking on your credits circle bar icon, right beside your profile icon, and choose “Detailed Usage Report”, like so:

Once you're in, you'll get a comprehensive overview of everything. You can hover over any point on the graph, and voilà! More details pop up, revealing credits used, tasks run, and the number of rows of data grabbed:

Scrolling down, you'll find the Robots Usage and Performance section. It gives you an overview for each robot, covering the credits used, number of tasks, and success rate. Plus, it even keeps you in the loop about your deleted robots:

But wait, there's more! You can also hone in on a specific robot for detailed analytics. Just click on "All Robots," pick your chosen one, and you can also select the months you're interested in. Then hit Apply.

Here’s an example on one of the robots:

When you pick a specific robot to focus on, the Robots Usage and Performance section instantly adjusts to showcase the details of your chosen robot.

And there you have it! Anything else you'd like to see? Feel free to drop us a feature request on our Product Roadmap! We're all ears for your ideas! 😊👍

Happy chartering! 📈

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