How can I setup a monitor to extract only new records from a list?

When monitoring lists, monitors are configured to extract a certain number of items from the top of the list. They will detect changes, list item removals, and new list items.

If you integrate the robot with other apps, you will find that Browse AI sends all extracted list items to them, not just new or changed list items. Depending on the integration and how you use it, that can lead to duplicate data appearing in the other app. Let's see how you can prevent duplicate data from showing up there.

Google Sheets Integration

If you have integrated your robot with Google Sheets, we have a solution for you. There is a Google Sheets add-on called Browse AI for Sheets that you can install on your spreadsheet. Once installed, click on Extensions -> Browse AI for Sheets -> Experimental Features. 

You can use the experimental features to auto-delete duplicate rows so that only new items get added to the spreadsheet.

Zapier,, or Pabbly Integration

In all these workflow automation platforms, there are ways to filter data from a trigger. You can filter the data based on whether it's from a new list item or an existing one, before passing it on to an action.

Custom API Integrations

The API responses and webhook call payloads contain all the information you need to be able to tell whether a list item extracted by a monitoring check is new. Please refer to the API documentation.

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