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Can I extract data from LinkedIn?

Browse AI can help you extract public data from LinkedIn.

Browse AI is designed to work on any website, but there are some limitations. One that applies to LinkedIn is that if you have a robot that logs into LinkedIn on your behalf, no matter what software you use, if it's a cloud software with an IP address different from yours, it can be detected and blocked. We do not recommend scraping data that requires logging in on websites that have strong bot detection and can block your account, using software that runs on the cloud.

How to use Browse AI to generate leads from LinkedIn?

Browse AI is used by some to monitor user profiles on LinkedIn, but there are inconsistencies. LinkedIn makes some user profiles public, which you can monitor. Still, some are behind a login form which would be harder to monitor (they can frequently fail with LinkedIn showing captchas and asking the robot to sign in again).

How do you handle proxies so I can be sure my LinkedIn doesn't get banned?

We use in-house and 3rd party datacenter and residential proxies. We don't use dedicated IPs per user on non-enterprise plans, so your IP could change on every task execution, and those platforms might sign you out or show a custom captcha because of that.

For LinkedIn automation as a signed-in user, we recommend using a local alternative because no cloud solution using a different IP from yours would be 100% safe.