How to change my account's password

Unlock the full potential of your Browse AI account with two simple ways to log in and streamline your productivity!

  • Using Google Auth0

    By using this method, you can easily log in to your account without the need to create a password. Instead, you can rely on the secure authentication method offered by your Google account. This way, you can enjoy a hassle-free and streamlined login experience.

  • Using a Signup method with your email and your chosen password

    This approach is ideal in cases where your account is not connected with Google Auth0.

In This article, we're gonna cover changing your password after you signed up using an Email/Password method; here are the steps to do it:

  1. Sign out from your account, which will take you to this page

  2. Click on "Forgot password?", which will take to to the below screen, then enter your email address and click on "Continue"

  1. Then you'll see below screen

    4. In this step, go to your email inbox. You'll receive the email below; click on confirm.

    5. Then you'll be asked to provide and confirm your new password as below

    6. After providing your new password, click on Reset Password and Volla!

You can then go to the login page and use your new password and your email to successfully log in to your Browse AI account.

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