What is the meaning of different colors in the monitoring results?

At Browse AI, we offer a reliable and efficient monitoring service to help you stay updated on changes. By setting up a monitor, you can effortlessly keep track of the data that matters most to you. Our monitoring service uses colors to provide a quick and clear overview of the changes that have occurred since your last check.

We use three different colors in our monitoring results: Green, Yellow, and Red. Each color indicates a specific type of change to the data:

  • Green Color: When you see the green color, new data has been added to the URL you're monitoring. This data was not present during your previous check but has since been added.
  • Yellow Color: If you see the yellow color, it means that the existing data on the URL has been changed in some way. This could mean that new information has been added or some information has been removed. (the part marked with green color on the image on number three has added the sentence)
  • Red Color: if you see the red color, it means that previously present data on the URL has been removed. This could indicate that the URL has been updated and some information has been deleted.

In addition to the color coding, you may also see numbers on the left side of the monitoring table. These numbers indicate the position of the data that you're monitoring. The data has been moved if you see a number different from the last time you checked.

For example, in the image below, you can see data in position 3; the number next to it is -1. This means the data was previously in position four but has since been moved to position 3.

Also, if you turn off the "Highlight changes since last check" option on the top right of the list, you will only see the list without specifying changes and different colors, as in the image below.

Stay on top of updates to your favorite websites with our monitoring service. Our user-friendly features include color-coding and position-tracking, making it effortless to spot any changes since your last check. Give our monitoring service a try and enjoy the convenience of staying up-to-date.

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