How can I create a custom robot without installing the browser extension?

There are a couple of ways to create robots on Browse AI that do not require installing the Chrome extension:

Prebuilt Robots

Using Prebuilt Robots does not require installing a browser extension as the robots are already trained, but you will be limited to the available robots in the library. This means you won't be able to customize it.

Robot Studio

As of June 2024, everyone has access to our brand new Robot Studio, which is the future of Browse AI and will ultimately become a replacement for the Chrome extension.

With it, you can train a custom robot without having to install a browser extension.

You can learn more about Robot Studio, and the differences between it and the Chrome extension.

Installing the Chrome extension without giving any permissions

Although Browse AI Chrome extension does not collect any data other than the actions you take while recording a task for a robot, some users may have strict requirements not to install a browser extension.

Generally speaking, whenever you want to install a Chrome extension without giving it access to any data, you can create a new Chrome profile that is not connected to your email and install the Chrome extension on that profile. Chrome extensions cannot access any data that is not on their profile.

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