What does the Chrome extension do or doesn't do?

Learn more about what the Chrome extension's capabilities are and how it uses your information.

What the extension does

  • When you try to create an automation on Browse AI, it opens a new window to record the actions you want to automate.
  • It extracts data structures and information from the webpage while you record an automation on it.
  • Once you finish recording an automation, it sends the recording to Browse AI servers to be securely encrypted and stored. You can then have Browse AI run those automations for you regularly on the cloud.
  • Optionally, you can let it anonymously collect information about the extension's performance and report potential bugs while you're recording an automation. You can disable this in extension Settings.

What the extension does NOT

  • It doesn't collect any information about you or your browsing history.
  • It doesn't record any information about your browsing activity when you're not recording an automation.
  • It doesn't alter your browsing experience. It only runs on a specific website when you tell it to do so.
  • It doesn't require you to sign up for paid services. Signing up on Browse AI and running robots to extract up to 200 records per month is always free.

Where to download

Browse AI Chrome extension can be downloaded from Chrome Web Store:

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