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How are credits calculated? What are Premium Sites?

What can each credit be used for? What are Premium Sites? We'll try to answer those questions for you here.

What is a credit?

Each plan gives you a certain number of credits per month or per year. Depending on the number of rows you extract in a task, the screenshots you capture, and whether a site is Premium, each task will cost you from one to several credits.

How are credits used?

With each credit, you can extract a row of data or capture a screenshot.

There is a small number of sites that require premium proxies or a large volume of files to load. Those sites are marked as Premium and each run on these sites takes an additional 20 credits.

Example 1: Extracting 1 row from 50 different product detail pages on a non-premium site

If there are 50 product detail pages on a non-premium website and you need to extract a row of data from each, it would take 50 credits.

Example 2: Extracting list of 500 products from 5 different product categories on a premium site

If there are 5 different product categories with 500 products in each, you are probably training a robot to extract all products in a category, and then bulk running it for those 5 categories.

Because this is a premium site, each task would take 20 + 500 = 520 credits.

And because you need 5 tasks, altogether, they would take 5 x 520 = 2,600 credits.

Example 3: Monitoring 50 product detail pages for changes on a non-premium site

If you monitor 50 product detail pages for changes checking every 3 days, it would take about 50x(30/3) = 500 credits per month.

What are Premium Sites?

Premium sites are more costly for us to run tasks on due to their advanced bot detection or their structure and type of content.

As we reduce our infrastructure costs over time, we aim to reduce the number of Premium Sites.

If you have a large use case involving extraction of tens of thousands of records from a site and the site is marked as Premium, let us know as we may be able to enable further caching and optimizations on your robot for your specific use case and make it non-Premium.

List of Current Premium Sites

  • amazon.ca
  • amazon.com
  • amazon.co.uk
  • angel.co
  • costco.com
  • falabella.com
  • freelance.de
  • gymshark.com
  • hobbydb.com
  • homedepot.ca
  • iciw.com
  • idealista.it
  • instacart.com
  • instagram.com
  • linkedin.com
  • modexconnect.com
  • nucode.co
  • opensea.io
  • optimizely.com
  • realtor.ca
  • saasmag.com
  • scholar.google.com
  • seattlecoffeegear.com
  • simple.ripley.cl
  • thebay.com
  • tmall.com
  • twitter.com
  • walmart.com
  • web.cornershopapp.com

This article was last updated on July 11, 2022.