How can I transfer only new or added data to my Google Sheet

Easily sync new or updated data to Google Sheets with Browse AI's advanced controls.

Step 1: Access Your Dashboard

Log in to Browse AI and access your dashboard.

Step 2: Open Future Labs

Click on your avatar in the top right corner of the page. From the dropdown menu, select "Future Labs."

Step 3: Enable Advanced Controls for Google Sheets

Find the "Advanced controls for syncing data with Google Sheets" option and enable it.

Step 4: Navigate to Your Robot

Return to your dashboard and select the robot you want to use.

Step 5: Access Integration Options

Go to the "Integrate" tab and click on the Google Sheets icon.

Step 6: Enable Sync Changes

Check the box next to "Only sync changes."

Step 7: Choose Your Criteria

Select one of the following options based on your needs:

  1. Changed or added data: will sync whether the data was updated or newly added
  2. Only changed data: will sync only if the data was updated
  3. Only added data: will sync only if the data is newly added

Step 8: View the Updated Google Sheet

Your Google Sheet will now update based on the criteria you chose. Only new or added data will be transferred to your sheet.

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