Can my robot fill out a form or perform an action before extracting data?

The short answer: Yes, absolutely!

The long answer: Your robot learns every action you perform while recording your task. This includes all your clicks and form inputs that you fill. On top of that, it will automatically turn any form inputs that you filled into a dynamic input parameter that you can adjust every time the robot is run.

You can also create multiple monitors on the same robot, each with a different input parameter.

Real-world Example

There are thousands of startups listed here:

Let's assume that we want to monitor startups that match these keywords and get a notification as soon as there is a new startup added: Marketing, SaaS, Fintech

I will train a robot on this page and during training, fill out the search input with Marketing. Then I will click on the robot and extract the list of results:

Once I select the texts that I need to extract, I finish recording. Now I have a robot that can extract or monitor companies on this list for any specified keyword, using the automatically generated "Search..." input parameter:

I can also set up several monitors for different keywords on the Monitor tab:

If you are using workflow automation tools like Zapier or Browse AI API, you will have access to all input parameters there and you can adjust them every time you run a task using this robot.

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