How can I have duplicate rows deleted automatically from Google Sheets Integration?

The Browse AI Google Sheets integration only appends data to your spreadsheet by default. This article walks you through how you can use the Google Sheets addon to automatically delete duplicate rows and keep your spreadsheet tidy.

Install the Add-On

First, you must install the Browse AI for Sheets add-on. After installing the add-on, in the menu bar, click on Extensions and login with your Browse AI account.

Navigate to Experimental Features

After logging into your account. Click on Browse AI for Sheets and then click on Experimental Features

Auto-Delete Duplicate Rows

In the opened sidebar, click on the "Auto-delete duplicate rows when I open this spreadsheet" checkbox to enable the feature and enable the two inputs below.

  1. In order to detect duplicate rows, the add-on needs to compare rows with each other. However, each row contains data that may always be different, like the Date. For that reason, you need to specify which columns it should compare to detect duplicate rows. For this purpose, in the first input, write the header of the columns that should be compared. In this example above, if the title and description in any rows are identical, it will delete the newly added rows which are duplicates. 
  2. The Sheet Name input should be set to the name of the current sheet in which you want duplicate rows to be automatically deleted.

Duplicates, Be Gone

From now on, every time you open this sheet, the Browse AI for Sheets add-on will remove any duplicate data automatically.

You can always disable this feature or edit the settings by going to the menu and clicking on Experimental Features. 

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