How can I enable my Google Sheet integration?

If you follow the instructions below (after training your Robot), you should be able to set up Google Sheets syncing:

  1. Click on your Robot on your dashboard and then click on the “Integrate” tab at the top.

  1. Click on the Google Sheet tile.

  1. Press Enable Syncing to Google Sheet 

  1. Under “Choose authorized account,” click on “Authorize new account” and enter a Google account that has Edit access to the Google Sheet.

  1. You can either select an existing spreadsheet from your Google Drive or create a new spreadsheet. 

  1. Run your task on the Overview tab. Make sure the extracted texts appear in your Google Sheet in a new tab.

  1. Every time you run your task or it runs to do a monitoring check, it will append the newly captured data to your Google sheet.

NOTE: If you opt to create a new robot and select the existing integrated Google sheet as the integration option for your new robot, the information for your new robot will appear on a fresh worksheet in the same Google sheet.

If you want to have all of your captured lists in a single sheet tab, you can write a formula to aggregate all the results into the same tab. If you don’t know how you can let us know, and we’ll help you with that. You would just need to give Editor access to your Google sheet.

Hot Tip

You can quickly get to the Google Sheet that's connected to your robot, from its Integrate tab:

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