How do you leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Browse AI leverages Machine Learning (ML) for a few different purposes behind the scenes that include automatically adapting to website changes, which can happen quite frequently on popular websites, and learning from robot trainings to offer better instructions and highlighting while training new robots or re-training existing robots. This has enabled our users to create custom web automations on tens of thousands of websites with no technical knowledge, which has never been possible before.

We also use ML to emulate human behaviour so that robots are indistinguishable from people using websites. This lets our users extract the most accurate data possible at scale. The robots can open a website in a browser, scroll, click, fill out forms, and even solve many types of captchas using image recognition and other techniques. We were able to increase our task success rate from 85% to 98% (near 100% after built-in auto-retries) in 2022 because of this.

In addition to expanding and advancing our current use cases, we are currently experimenting with leveraging Open AI GPT to make it even easier to create robots using natural language... Stay tuned!

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