How can I integrate Browse AI with Pabbly Connect?

In this article, we go through the steps to configure the Pabbly Connect integration.

Pabbly Connect is an automation tool that lets you connect multiple applications.

1. To use Browse AI with Pabbly Connect, head over to the Pabbly Connect dashboard and sign in to your account. 

2. Once you sign in, you'll be taken to your Pabbly Connect dashboard. Click on Create Workflow button. 

3. After naming your workflow, you should choose a  trigger for your workflow. Each workflow starts with a trigger on which the workflow runs, and then the data flows through different actions. Browse AI has an official trigger called Executed Task andtwoofficial actions (Bulk Run TasksExecute a Task). The other triggers and actions on the list are created by the Pabbly team and are being deprecated.

4. You'll be taken to a new screen where you'll create the necessary Connection by clicking on "Add New Connection." In the new screen, authorize Pabbly Connect to access your Browse AI account.

5. Once you log in, the modal below will appear. Click on Okay and then close the sidebar on the right (Connect Browse AI Account). 

6. If you click on the Connect Button again, you'll see that the Connecting Browse AI Account modal has appeared, but this time your account is connected to the Pabbly. (This issue will soon be fixed by Pabbly)

7. Once you select the Connection which you created in previous steps, you can hit save to get your list of Robots. You'll see your list of Robots in a dropdown. Choose the one you want to retrieve data from.

9. For the event type, you have four options to choose from:

  • To trigger Pabbly workflow when a change is detected in a captured text, list, or screenshot by a monitor.
  • To trigger Pabbly workflow when a task is finished, either successfully or with an error.
  • To trigger Pabbly workflow only when a task succeeds.
  • To trigger Pabbly workflow only when a task fails.

10. At this point, the workflow is waiting for an event from the Browse AI. 

To get the best out of this integration, it is recommended to turn "the " Simple Response" switch off.

11. By going to the robot Integration tab, you can see that under Webhooks, there is a webhook connected to your Pabbly workflow. From now on, every time you run a task, you'll see your data in the Pabbly workflow.

12. The webhook captured a response, as is shown in the picture below. 

13. The advanced data will give you packaged data, on which you can apply iterators, extractors and etc. as shown in the picture below. 

14.  For transforming the JSON data into data that can be used in other apps, select the Data transformer by Pabbly Action. The Action Event should be "Line Itemizer". 

15. You have to choose the Line items array which was received from the Browse AI. 

16. In this case, Task CapturedList Companies is the array we should select.

17. Once you click on Save & Send Test Request, you will see the values and labels organized.

18. after this step you can do whatever you intended to with the retrieved data and forward this to any other applications that Pabbly Connect supports.

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