Can I extract data from LinkedIn?

We do not recommend using Browse AI for extracting data that requires logging in to access on LinkedIn. Most data on LinkedIn, except company profiles and job postings, require logging in.

Browse AI is designed to work on any website, but there are some limitations. One that applies to LinkedIn is that if you have a robot that logs into a website on your behalf, no matter what software you use, if it's a cloud software with an IP address different from yours, it can be detected and flagged. We do not recommend scraping data that requires logging in on websites that have strong bot detection and can block your account, using software that runs on the cloud like Browse AI.

Can I use Browse AI to generate leads from LinkedIn?

If you are looking to extract public data (such as job postings), that is possible. We do not recommend using Browse AI to extract data as a logged in user on LinkedIn.

Can my LinkedIn account get flagged?

If you use your account to extract data, your LinkedIn account can get flagged because your IP address could change in every task, and platforms like LinkedIn might sign you out or flag your account.

For LinkedIn automation as a signed-in user, we do not recommend using a cloud solution like Browse AI. Local automation may be your best option.

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