How can I setup monitoring for changes?

There are two ways to go about this.

1. The first one is to choose Monitor Site Changes when building a new robot:

Once you’re done recording your actions and capturing the data you want, you’ll see a Quick Setup asking for the Robot Name, and then the Monitor instance, like so:

Here, you can configure how often you want the robot to monitor your captured data. You can even choose a specific time and timezone you want, or have the robot notify you by email should there be changes. 

2. As for the second approach, once you’ve set up and approved your robot, you can edit and fine-tune your robots even further on the Monitor tab. To locate this, from your dashboard, choose your desired robot, and click on Monitor:

If you set up your robot via the Monitor Site Changes path at the beginning, you’ll see a monitor called “Default Monitor”. You can rename, edit, and create a new monitor alongside it.  

However, if you went the other path (Extract Structured Data), there’ll be no initial monitor. But don’t worry! You can go to the Monitor tab, and click on + Create New Monitor to make one:

Pretty cool, isn't it? We've gone the extra mile to show you how to make the most of it in the video below:

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