How can I enable my Airtable integration?

Airtable integration is one of the many integration options available on Browse AI. If you've completed the Robot training process, follow these straightforward instructions to set up Airtable syncing and streamline your data management seamlessly:

  1. Access the Integration Tab

Begin by navigating to your dashboard and selecting the Robot you wish to configure. Once selected, click on the "Integrate" tab at the screen's top.

  1. Select Airtable

Within the "Integrate" section, locate and click on the dedicated Airtable Tile. This step will lead you closer to establishing the desired syncing connection.

  1. Enable Syncing

Initiate the syncing process by clicking the "Enable Syncing to Airtable" option. This action will trigger the necessary steps to ensure a successful connection between your Robot and Airtable account.

  1. Authorize Airtable Account

Under the "Choose Airtable Account" section, select the "Authorize New Account" option. Follow the prompts to enter your Airtable account credentials, securing the link between your Robot and your designated Airtable account.

  1. Select Existing Account

You can pick an existing Airtable account from your list of accounts or proceed with the authorized new account.

  1. Workspace Selection

You can select the relevant workspace if you've previously set up workspaces in your Airtable account. If you still need to, you can create a new workspace that aligns with your needs.

  1. Choose Airtable Target Base

Once the workspace is established, proceed to select the specific AirTable target base where you intend to sync your Robot's data.

  1. Execute Your Task

Navigate to the "Run Task" tab and initiate your designated task. During this step, ensure that the extracted texts are correctly displayed in your AirTable, creating a new tab for your data.

  1. Continuous Syncing

With the setup complete, when you run your task, or it executes a monitoring check, the newly captured data will be seamlessly appended to your AirTable. This automated process ensures that your data remains up-to-date and consistently organized.

Important Notes:

Before you proceed, take note of the following essential considerations to ensure a smooth syncing experience:

  • We sync data to fields set as multiline text type, which has a 100,000-character limit. Syncing will fail if the scraped data exceeds this.
  • All table fields are assumed to be multiline text type; manually changing a column's type, like switching 'Price' to 'currency,' will disrupt syncing.

By following these steps and keeping these essential points in mind, you'll have successfully integrated your Robot with AirTable, enabling efficient and accurate data synchronization. This enhanced collaboration between your tools empowers you to make more informed decisions and drive greater productivity.

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