What does FutureLabs do?

Welcome to Browse AI on FutureLabs! This article will walk you through the various features available on FutureLabs that can enhance your experience using Browse AI.

Where is FutureLabs located?

To find FutureLabs, click on your profile picture and then click on FutureLabs, as shown below.

What's available in Future Labs?

Currently, we have the following options:

Train custom robots in the new Robot Studio

Robot Studio is a brand new way for training custom robots on any website. With Robot Studio, you can train a robot in any desktop browser without installing a browser extension and you will be guided with much better instructions throughout the process.

Advanced controls for syncing data with Google Sheets

When monitoring data for changes and syncing them with Google Sheets, this feature gives you an option to sync only newly added rows or changed rows to your Google Sheets instead of syncing everything every time so that your spreadsheet does not get filled with duplicate data.

How to activate Robot Studio feature

Go to your FutureLabs, and toggle the button shown below:

How to use the RobotStudio feature

When you've created a new robot and you're entering the URL to scrape, upon clicking the Start Training Robot you will be presented with two options, one of which is Use Robot Studio (Beta).

NOTE: For more information on using Robot Studio, please check out this related article.

How to activate the advanced data syncing feature for Google Sheets

Go to your FutureLabs, and toggle the button shown below:

How to use the Google Sheets advanced syncing control feature?

Now go to your robot's dashboard, click on the Integrate tab, and activate your Google Sheets Integration as explained here.

Scroll down and select the "only sync changes" as highlighted below. Then you'll be able to select how the data syncing works for your integrated Google Sheets.

There are 3 options to choose from:

  1. Changed or added data: will sync whether the data was updated or newly added
  2. Only changed data: will sync only if the data was updated
  3. Only added data: will sync only if the data is newly added
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