How can I connect Browse AI with Zapier?

In this article, we go through the steps to configure the Zapier integration.

What is Zapier?

Zapier is an online platform that lets you automate workflows by connecting the apps and services you use. It is a great option when a direct integration is unavailable or when you need to expand an existing integration's functionality.

Using Zapier, you can connect Browse AI with any of the 5,000+ apps Zapier supports.


You need to have at least one Robot on your dashboard.

Run a Zap every time a Browse AI Robot is running a task

There are two options for where you can start: 

Option A: Go directly to the Browse AI and Zapier integration page, and make your zap.

Option B:

1. Click on your task on your dashboard, and then click on the "Integrate" tab at the top.

2. When you click on the Zapier tile on your dashboard, you can see a few integration templates for popular use cases. Choose the app you want to connect with Browse AI. 

3. Now that you have selected the app, you must set up the trigger. You must select the event; in this case, "Executed Task" is the only option.

4. In order to connect Zapier with Browse AI, choose your Browse AI account and log in.

5. To set up the trigger, you must choose your Robot and event type.

You will see a list of Robots you have on your dashboard. Select the one that you want to connect to Zapier.

For the event type, you have four options to choose from:

    • To trigger Zap when a change is detected in a captured text, list, or screenshot by a monitor.
    • To trigger Zap when the task is finished, either successfully or with an error.
    • To trigger Zap only when the task succeeds.
    • To trigger Zap only when the task fails.

6. Test your trigger to make sure it works.

7. At this point, the trigger is set up and you just need to connect it to the desired app. In your integration, you can pass any data that Browse AI captures for you to the other app.

What can I automate using Zapier and Browse AI?

Browse AI's Zapier integration comes with a trigger ("Executed task") and two actions ("Run task" and "Bulk run task").

The trigger is typically used when you want to pass the data that Browse AI captures to another app, like your CRM or marketing automation software.

The actions, on the other hand, can be used whenever you want to run a task on Browse AI from another app. For example, you can run a Browse AI task to scrape a company's details whenever a new company name is added to your CRM or spreadsheet.

Another advanced use case is that you can connect one Browse AI Robot to another. This is useful, for example, when you have one Robot that scrapes a set of links and another Robot that scrapes the details from one of those links. You can connect these two Robots so that every time a new link is extracted, it automatically scrapes the details using the other Robot. Just make sure you don't connect a Robot to itself and create an infinite loop!

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