How has the terminology changed in version 2 recently?

As we're gradually releasing version 2 features, you will notice terminology changes. In this article, we'll explain why and how.

Why is the terminology changing?

When we publicly launched Browse AI in September 2021, there was no other cloud web automation software that was crafted for ease of use and working on  any website with no code. There are many features that our users have not seen anywhere else and we have had to come up with terms for unique concepts to communicate them accurately.

Since then, over 8,000 users have used the application. Through our conversations with them, we have realized that some of the terms we came up with originally did not communicate what we intended as well as they should have.

With thousands of users using our integrations and public API, something as simple as renaming terms can be quite challenging, because we intend to keep all integrations backwards-compatible and easy to maintain for our users. For this reason, we are going to gradually release the new terminology and migrate our API and integrations to a new version.

What are the new terms?

The table below outlines the previous terms, new terms, and whether they have been applied to the User Interfaces (UI) and API & Integrations:

Old Term New Term User Interfaces API & Integrations
Task Robot 🚧 Under development
Job or Task Execution Task 🚧 Under development
Variables Input Parameters 🚧 Under development
1-Click Automation Pre-built Robot 🚧 Under development

Did you notice any incorrect changes on the interface? or do you have any questions?

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