How are the subscription plans changing on May 23, 2022?

Our subscription plans are changing on May 23rd. Here is why and what to expect.


  • Accounts on annual subscriptions will receive their full quota for the year upfront so they can choose how they want to spend their credits.
  • On Professional and Company plans, you will now be able to train and save Unlimited Robots.
  • Task execution time limit will increase from 2 minutes to 12 minutes.
  • The Task Executions limit is changing to Credits. The amount of credits you need depends on how many rows of data you are extracting and whether the target website is a Premium site.
    • All existing customers (who've upgraded to a paid plan before May 23rd) will receive a lifetime 100% bonus credits (=double quota) promotion after May 23rd. Thank you for supporting us! ❤️ 

Why are we changing the plans?

We have come a long way since we introduced the current subscription plans over a year ago. We have over 30 times more active users and paying customers now. We also recently tripled the size of our team and we are working on a major release (v2) scheduled to go live in Q4.

While we were scaling and receiving user feedback, we identified a few important issues with the quota system:

  • Many users need to run long tasks that can take 10 minutes or more, for example, when there is a page with an infinite-scroll type of pagination. Our infrastructure costs are directly related to how long each task takes, so we have had to limit each task's duration to 2 minutes or less which prevents those users from using Browse AI for their use cases or forces them to come up with workarounds that take time.
  • We receive many support tickets from users who want to upgrade, but aren't sure which plan would suit them best. Many of them find the concept of "X task executions per month" confusing and even if they understand the concept, they have a hard time estimating how many they are going to need.
  • Running tasks on some sites incurs much higher infrastructure costs than others because they block datacenter IP addresses, require captchas, or load a large volume of assets that cannot be cached. With the current pricing, these premium sites have made our margins less predictable than they need to be and we could only offer them on Company and Enterprise plans, which is against our mission to democratize access to information on the web.
  • Some users have sporadic use cases that require running 10s or 100s of thousands of tasks every few months. With the current billing system, every user's Task Execution quota resets every month.
  • We have a lot of exciting new features under development right now. Some of these features add to our infrastructure costs and we cannot release them without making sure that our margins on all plans are predictable.

For the reasons above, we have been working on an updated billing system that solves all these issues and brings more clarity to subscription plans.

The changes are outlined below.

Subscription Plan Changes


The current plans' pricing will not change. However, their quotas will change as outlined below.

Robots (used to be Maximum Tasks)

Previous plans:

  • Starter: Up to 5 Tasks
  • Professional: Up to 15 Tasks
  • Company: Up to 30 Tasks
  • Enterprise: Unlimited Tasks

New plans: In the new plans, we will be renaming Tasks to Robots to make them easier to understand, and we'll offer unlimited robots to train and save on your Professional or Company plan.

  • Free and Starter: Up to 10 Robots
  • Professional, Company, and Enterprise: Unlimited Robots

How this affects existing customers: Existing users on the Starter plan will get double the number of robots they can train and save in their account.

Professional, Company, and Enterprise plan users will get unlimited robots.

Credits (used to be Task Executions per Month)

We are removing the limit on task executions and instead, introducing Credits.

  • The Free plan will come with 200 credits per month.
  • The Starter 1,500 plan will come with 2,000 credits per month.
  • The Starter 3,000 plan will come with 4,000 credits per month.
  • The ProfessionalCompany, and Enterprise plans will come with the same number of credits per month as the number of task executions per month they had before.

Credits are spent in the following ways, only if the task is successful:

  • If you capture a list, every list item (row of data) costs 1 credit.
  • If you capture a number of single texts (like on a detail page), it costs 1 credit for the entire row of data.
  • If you capture screenshots, each screenshot costs 1 credit.
  • If you run a task on a Premium site, each run will cost an additional number of credits based on your plan:
    • Running a Premium site task on Starter plans costs 20 credits.
    • Running a Premium site task on Professional plans costs 15 credits.
    • Running a Premium site task on Company and Enterprise plans costs 10 credits.

In the following weeks, we will publish a credit calculator that will tell you if a site is Premium, and which plan would work best for your use case.

We are still working on the criteria and the automated system for determining Premium sites and we have not marked any sites as Premium yet. We will be trying to keep their number to a minimum.

On plans with monthly billing, the monthly credits will expire at the end of the billing month.

One important change we are making to our annual plans is that their credit quota will NOT reset every month anymore and you are provided with all your annual credits upfront so you can choose how you spend them.

For example, if the Professional 5,000 Monthly plan comes with 5,000 credits per month, the Professional 5,000 Annual plan comes with 60,000 credits and you will have a year to use them.

How this affects existing customers: Our existing customers and early supporters will receive a lifetime 100% additional credits (=double quota) promotion for as long as they stay subscribed to their current plan.

Aren't sure if that will be enough for your use cases? Contact us so we can help.

Task Execution Time

Previous plans: Up to 2 minutes per task execution.

New plans: Up to 12 minutes per task execution.

We are working on increasing this much further. 

How this affects existing customers: You can run longer running tasks that extract 6x more list items in each run.


The new plans are scheduled to go live on Monday, May 23, 2022. We will be working with existing customers to ensure their tasks will not be interrupted by this change.

We will also add a lifetime 100% additional credits (=double quota) promotion to all accounts that upgraded before this date to thank them for being an early user. We wouldn't be here without you ❤️.

We understand that if you're used to how things were before, the new quota system might take a while to get used to. But we are confident you will find it easier to navigate and deal with and we look forward to hearing your feedback.

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